A New Blog & An Old Me..


Welcome to here, to me, plus lots of kids.

I have a craft blog..here & I add lots of family funnies and snippets of everyday life. The thing is, not everyone likes crafty stuff- one of my friends says ‘I just ignore the card & race to the end to see what crazy stuff you’ve been up to’.

Yesterday, I was linking up with a certain post & the lovely @sarahMo3W on Twitter said really  I needed to ditch the craft as otherwise it wouldn’t really fit the link. (in a much more lovely set of vocabulary)

Story of my life.

Wouldn’t fit.

Have you any idea just how times having 5 kids ‘doesn’t fit’?

Doesn’t fit…social stereotypes… Give me a quid for the amount of times that jaws have dropped once I tell them ‘how many kids’ & they quickly recover with a joke that goes along the lines of ‘oh, you’ve worked out how you make them now then?!’ or  that old chestnut ‘do you not have a TV in your household then’?

Funny (& awkwardly shocking) the first few times. Now, I have a poker face that I bring out on those occasions. I combine it with a wry smile because obviously I don’t want to antagonise every new person I meet.

I was somewhat mortified when in the wonderful city of Liverpool (that often has few subtleties) I heard a man shouting. I ignored it for a while then realised he was shouting at me ;’do you not have a telly in your house?’. I went the colour of oxygenated blood & stuck my head down and ran along. AND I only had 4 kids at the time.

Possibly the worst was when I was asked ‘are they all yours?’. This is another common one. So many many times I’ve wanted to utter something sarcastic like (no, I found them hanging around outside- or, yes, and I’ve another 15 at home). I replied politely (I’m not good at public grating sarcastic responses) that they were indeed ALL mine.

The reply was even more insulting “well do they have the same Dad?’

Well, I was speechless.

I muttered something to the affirmative whilst obviously having a face that showed righteous indignation. The cheek.

The kids just looked at me. Thankfully they’re quite blase about it. Bless them. It is entirely normal to them that we are a big family & they cannot understand why others would have such an issue.

I’m grateful they’re much more grounded than I sometimes am.

We also don’t fit..in most holiday destinations.

Have you ever tried booking a hotel/room for 5 kiddos? Just take out a second mortgage.

‘It’s ok, Mrs Baker, we can give you an adjoining room”. Umm no. I don’t have an ‘adjoining room budget’ & even Travelodge won’t allow 2 teenagers to share the sofa bed. I’d happily sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag but can’t lie to them about the room occupancy. Anyhow can you imagine trying to sneak noisy kids into the Travelodge without them noticing?

Even if you just go out for a coffee and a cake- you can kiss goodbye to £30.

And before someone worries we’re another family procreating at the behest of the Welfare state’s uber-generous benefit incentive (???)- we haven’t. My hubby works..very hard. As do I.

6 kids were a choice. A blessing. A very fine & slightly bonkers situation.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Hope you’ll share our journey with us. Can’t promise you that it will be devoid of blood, sweat or tears. There’ll be heaps of mistakes that you might learn to avoid. I can promise you a smile, which, in most of my days is such a joy. Whether I’m failing miserably & tottering on the edge of balance, it would be nice to think that you are with me!

See you when I’ve created a free activity for us all to enjoy that suited every single child (…in a fair while then!!) xx


2 thoughts on “A New Blog & An Old Me..

  1. I love it! And feeling very honoured to have inspired you 🙂 I must say booking holidays with only three kids is hard enough, so it must be a nightmare for you! On the odd occasion we can find a family room for five, but more often than not we end up in two rooms. No wonder we usually self-cater!

  2. Congrats on the new blog! Like Sarah – I struggle to find hotel rooms for 3 kids too – and two of those are infants! It must const you an arm and a leg! xx

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