Absentia Bunny Duty & What if?

20130409-073745.jpgWe have a much loved family pet.
To be precise, it’s not mine- but no.2’s.
There were two of them. Sisters. Really closely bonded and they were rescued rabbits- abandoned near the vets.

No.2 is an avid animal lover. So much so that if you gave her choice she’d befriend an animal over a human, quite possibly 90% of the time.
One of the bunnies sadly died a few weeks ago.
Trauma wasn’t an understatement.

We’ve only had them since before Christmas. Truly, the love that wasn’t lavished on these pair simply isn’t worth talking about.

Just one morning with no real warning it died with 4 kids all around her. You try and get your kids off to school after that?!! (& I did shed a tear or two too)
No.2 has worked very hard trying to readjust the bun to a life of a temporary singleton. The whole losing a pet is hard. Good for learning but not for the emotions.
After she’d died & was put into another room, the kids asked to see her and say goodbye. Don’t shortcut this one I told myself. Doesn’t matter if they’re late for school- saying goodbye is part of the process.
With the image ingrained in my forever memory, one of them came in, gently lifted the towel over her & sat talking to her for a few minutes. You try not to have a quivering momma lip on that occasion! After they’d finished they lifted the towel back with such care and gentleness and then solemnly went on their way to brush their way.
Tears amongst the everyday.
Sadness shoved into the morning’s schedule.
Learning to let go of life and mourn in their own way. I’m learning not to despise their coping strategies. Little things are big things to them. Always.
My dismissal of their priorities can’t be a good thing even if it doesn’t fit in with the craziness of that hurried moment.
Sadness purveyed the house for a fault two and we learned to accept the new normal. Some accepting was instantaneous- other kids took their time.
They have learnt about grief rather more than the average family & it still hits us with its shocking intrusion.

My hubby likes them but sees the ££’s disappearing down the rabbit hole. After we’d got the remaining rabbit checked out on the fateful day in question we were about £42 down due the other bunny being terribly poorly too. Anyhow- she’s miraculously come through- and is busy being entertaining, mischievous & cute in equal measure.

Back to the reason I’m writing this post. She’s away. The daughter that is. On a week’s jolly with some friends from church.
So I’m left in charge.
Onerous responsibility is the word. ( or 2 if you’re being pedantic).
Thing is- I feel a great pressure to keep it alive. I’ve no idea quite why.
She’s very organised and has left me a schedule for morning and evening every day. She’s an efficient type.
So instead of an alarm clock every morning I’m greeted with ‘bang, bang, slide, bang’.
It’s a house bunny.
And no, it doesn’t share my bed- it’s in the loft room which is just above ours.
The banging is her clever way of getting fed. Like the ringing alarm that doesn’t quieten until you switch it off- this family member will bang until you give her greens, a measured amount of pellets and hay.
Oh, and the mess it makes.
This momma has lots of kids. They’re messy. The washing is huge and don’t get me started on the cleaning ( or at least the thought of it). All of a sudden there’s another job.
For want of a better descriptive term- this thing has prolific dropping tendencies.
Cleaning nappies off and mostly on for the best part of 13 years doesn’t make me any more desiring to clean out this family member. But I am. 3 times a day.

Anyway. She’s only away for another few days. I’m sure the fluffy thing will be fine. But it’s all on me. It’s survival is on my watch and I don’t want the responsibility.

Is this normal? Already I’m having to plan what greens she’ll be eating tomorrow and I’ve not even thought about the family tea today.
Come back, daughter no.2. The responsibility is killing me!

See you when I’ve cleaned out poop- which will be all of a couple of hours from now!!


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