Entrepeneurism Gone A Little Wrong!

There are some life skills we want our kids to have.
Listing the basics- balancing finances, having (& taking) initiative. Coping with disappointment. Being the bigger person. Learning to live alone. Cooking your own food.

Well, at our house there is another. Making money. Starting your own business.
Having a Dad who is a self starter with his own business & a mum always looking for ways to supplement our income, it was inevitable that the kids would pick some entrepeneurial habits.

I’m all for encouraging initiative.
Last summer’s bake sale was a fun memory. 5 kids, with cakes baked between them, regaling passer’s-by and neighbours with cries of ‘they’re cheaper than Tesco’s’ & ‘all grannies welcome’. They made £42 profit on that occasion and this sparked a possibly latent ruthless streak.

We then had older siblings selling old toys at exhorbitant overinflated prices to younger siblings who’d no concept of the value of their rapidly reducing piggy banks. We then inserted a family ‘caveat’. -No selling without running transactions before Mum & Dad first.
That worked for a while.

The olders then became targets of younger materialistic desires- littlies who had spied their belongings and were making ‘bids’ to ‘purchase’ them. There were good trades & business dealings often combined with an aftermath of tears.

Now that the older ones can bake and cook, the goalposts change again. We recently had a mini sale where in order to raise money, one kid charged the others to sample her wares. It’s mostly well received.
Before I talk about today, I have to interject with the fact that it’s not all bad. One child needed to get her pet spayed. As We’d told them they needed to be responsible for the animal’s care, they raised some money by baking. In 3 weeks, they’d managed to prise £100 from friends and family which I was utterly gobsmacked by.

Today, however, there was real upset. One kid wanted chicken. Bizarre, I know.
They’d seen someone create KFC type chicken & were determined to have a go. I’m happy within reason. She’d bought 4 drumsticks & added a cupboardfull of spices and herbs. Within half an hour there was smoke & a smell that half of the street were subjected to. I tweeted about it & one of the girls said,
“Quick, order a takeaway”.
“I’ll be ordering the fireservice at this rate” I quipped.
One of my littler ones, didn’t have the required 50 pence.
She’d only charged them 50p each!
For a singular drumstick.
The leftout one had a meltdown. They desperately wanted one. I wasn’t entirely sure why. Even the chef declined the poultry concoction.
I tried to smooth her ruffled feathers with the option of an Oreo.
She wasn’t buying it.

Somewhat laboured sulking ensued.
She came around eventually.

I may have to put a lock on my kitchen.
This raising money malarkey needs some balance.
The entrepeneurial spark needs extinguishing- or at least regulating with the ‘thermostat of kindness’.

See you when I’ve tried to encourage a spirit of sharing! xx


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