Caring for the little animals!


I so could write this post on two levels- and I think the human level would be more amusing but I’ll retell what happened earlier on.

I had an animated conversation with several of my kids in the car this evening about their care of all creatures great and small.
“Mum, today we’ve been looking after Josephine and Tim.
Well not Tim, he was in another part of the field & when we found him he was dead.”
I paused.
“What are Josephine & Tom” I wondered- presuming it was a silly story- they’d already acted out a truly bizarre scene 5 minutes before
“They’re bees” she replied in a serious tone, as denoting a fact.
I didn’t believe her but thought I’d play along.
“Oh yes. Josephine is poorly- we thought she’d died overnight but when we came into the gardening area, there she was. We put out a stick and she crawled onto it.”
At this point I’m becoming impressed with their imagination.
“She’s actually really good at climbing trees. Did you know that bees can climb trees?”
I admitted I wasn’t aware of the fact and she continued.
“We tried to put her onto a flower to get some pollen because she’s so weak and can’t fly”.
I was beginning to wonder if this bee was actual.
“Mum, we made her a little playground and a grave.”
“Did she die then?”, I asked delicately.
“Oh no, but she’s really ill”. ( that’s childlike practicality for you”).
Now one of my sons piped up from the back.
” We were playing with Rocky & Road”.
Now I was being had on.
His friend interjected, “yes but one got squashed and the other got kicked”.
“Ermm, what are Rocky & Road?” I enquired.
“Snails, Mum”.
I did think the names were pretty cool.
“Well someone kicked them. We were having fun and it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t see the den we’d made for them”.
My teen sitting on the front seat was now giggling and muttered under her breath “I think I’m going to wet myself”.

“There were red ants too”, Son continued, ” they were biting people”.
Son’s friend explained “yes, Humphrey ( not real name-changed to protect their identity) walked off with blood pouring down his hand”.
“Goodness”, I exclaimed, “those ants sound vicious”.
Daughter told us that the bee was hers, she was the Mum and in fact her friends were all aunties. “It’s lost it’s stinger”.
“Well it would have died if it had” I remarked.
“It could have been a wasp” wondered the teen.
“No, it’s definitely a bee and it reminds me of a spider with the way the legs move- in fact two black things crawled out from underneath it. We thought they might be its babies but they looked like beetles. One was black and got squished and the other ran off”.

Terror in the field indeed. Squishing, death and decay.
“Don’t expect to see Josephine on Monday” I warned.
“Oh, we will” she adamantly told me ” she’s a fighter”.
Turns out that the stories were true. Son and friends independently verified it.
So much to learn from these little things and so much learned by ‘my’ little things. I didn’t think they had time or the eyes to see these creatures and care for them.
Turns out I was wrong.
I like being wrong sometimes.

I need to get down and look for the micro instead of scanning the macro. Beautiful creatures and life lessons are found in the tiniest and humblest of things. A Lesson for me too!


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