Exams..double stress!

There is something really encouraging about seeing your kids organise themselves and take control of their learning.
I guess I’m fortunate to have kids who mostly are reasonably organised and conscientious.
Isn’t there often a ‘but’ !!

There’s also a high level of attached strain.
Don’t you remember the angst..
The feeling of being overwhelmed- the uphill task. That ‘I’m never quite up to speed’ emotion that just crushes you inside.
Well it’s like that at the moment but double.
Having 2 kids one school year apart means we’ve a Year 10 & 11.
Both studying
Both doing exams.
Both stressed.
That filters down.
We’re all getting a dose.
I’m not particularly enjoying the stage where they learn to adapt to the fight or flight mechanisms. Thankfully there’s not so much flight and instead a hefty dose of fight but I guess that’s to be expected.
On the curriculum should be a ‘coping strategies for stress module’. It’s just a teeny bit crucial.
We have been gently trying to suggest some ideas to our ‘slightly panicking studying every spare moment’ teen.
It hasn’t been taken on board.
Someone else gave them exactly the same advice completely unprompted yesterday.
She was definitely thinking more about it the second time.
Guess that’s typical too.
Although it does make me smile to see her incorporating spider diagrams and index cards into her revision.
Definitely a chip off the old block ( less of the old thankyou! )
We’ve a few more weeks of this to survive.
and then their anxious wait.
Wish me luck (& truck loads of patience!)


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