Losing Hair!

This isn't my son- & why would you give a baby hair clippers to play with?!!

This isn’t my son- & why would you give a baby hair clippers to play with?!!


On the family front we’ve been losing hair.

Not from me pulling my own out (which could be quite likely) but simply losing it due to a haircut.



I did have to bite my lip & stifle a sob.

Hubby was trimming/clipping the boys hair. He does a pretty good job. I no longer do it since I’ve been banned. (long story- not all my fault. Honest).

Someone moved. The clipper didn’t quite do what the clipper operator intended. The short cut became somewhat uneven.

My little son stood in the doorway. My face was unable to hide my feelings.

‘Mum, please don’t look at me like that’.

I couldn’t help it. I was looking at a miniature replica of a thug.

‘I’m just a bit shocked’ I spluttered.

Oh dear. Dearie dearie dear.

He’s blonde. Someone unhelpfully suggested he looked like the boy in the striped pyjamas which made me doubly sad as that film is tragic. I can’t watch it without crying.

It had a marked effect on my boy.

As my teenagers would describe it. The boy suddenly got ‘swag’.

He grew several inches taller in his own estimation & is quite enjoying the notoriety.

His friends haven’t all recognised him. He’s loved that part. One of his mates actually screamed through shock (or at least, that was his version).

Less pleasing was the sudden compulsion of everyone to run their fingers through his hair. Me too. It’s warm and furry & feels nice.

Apparently one little guy in the school told him that it felt like a ‘toothbrush’.

So toothbrush head may need his locks (or lack of them) washing more quickly. The grease of 30 hands rubbing through blonde tufts may need eradicating.

I comfort myself with the fact that it will grow.

Less comforting is the realisation that he’s not so little. That part will not ‘grow back’. Ever.

I talked to my husband after it all.

‘You know how you banned me from the clippers? Well now I’m banning you”.

The problem is, who will now operate the hair trimmers?!

See you when I’ve hidden the offending articles! xx


3 thoughts on “Losing Hair!

  1. Aagh! How can a haircut do that to a child? My 11 year old had his shaved at the barber’s recently – he’s still got some hair on tip – and it was a shock. He had long hair a year ago, then cut down to long side of normal boy hair, now shaved! It is nice to touch too!

  2. My husband used clippers on my oldest when he was about two… He’s never been allowed to cut the kids hair again! Our boy was also very blond and looked bald, as a best case scenario description ๐Ÿ™‚

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