How Would You Spend 20K?..really?

This was a question & challenge, and competition posed on Brit Mums here.
I know I’ve not blogged on this blog in quite a while- but this question made me want to post.
Before I get started, I have to declare my hand. (I’d never make a good poker player!)

I’m not a fan of Lotteries- I know that that’s probably not the right thing to say particularly when one is sponsoring this post discussion. But I’m sure in the interest of transparency and free speech, I do have to speak up. I guess my beef with the whole lottery thing lies in the reduction of giving to many charities- maybe my post will give you an idea of why.

20K- that’s a whole heap and a drop in the ocean too.
Our wider family have always had a conversation that goes along the lines of
‘A million pounds is really not very much money’
‘Well when you’ve given a share out to each family member, bought a house & put the rest in the bank, there’s really not much left’.
Maybe they have a point.. but that’s not really the point.

20K- if you asked me, and just me.maybe initially I’d think about some of the things needed for my craft hobby/business. £20,000 could buy a substantial amount of paper, inks and stamps.Big Thanks

The thing is, the patterns grow old, the designs get dated and your need for more and new and different remains. 20K on me would be a waste.

Lets go to my kids. This year has been one of tightening belts and thrifty measures. If I spent that money on things they’d asked for- it might end up being a list where electronic devices and games featured heavily.

The latest DS, an iPad mini,

3DSConverse shoes….

But, is that really a good use of 20K? Sure, they’d be happy for a time. The novelty would wear off, the games conquered, the shoes worn out &  the money gone on giving my kids short term fun.

So, rather than dreaming of what we could get, I’d rather create memories for my kids & make a difference, a real difference. Giving has made a real impact on our family- and we got way more out of it, than any of our recipients- see this post

Therefore- this is how I’d love to spend 20K. (I have no personal connection with either of these charities).

“For 8-year-old Jess the summer holidays had never been something to look forward to. Every summer was spent in the small one-bedroom flat where she lived, looking after her little brother and sister while her mum worked. She often went to bed hungry, especially at the end of the month when her mum hadn’t been paid. The summer before last she witnessed her brother’s father beating her mum which had left her traumatised.

Jess was referred to The Salvation Army by Social Services. We invited her to join a group we were taking to a summer camp. At camp for the first time since she could remember, she didn’t have to worry, she could play with other children, sleep in a bed of her own, eat three healthy meals every day and do things she’d never believed possible. She learnt that life could be different.

Our staff at her local Salvation Army centre stayed in touch with her after she returned home and made sure she and her family continued to get the support they desperately needed. And though things are still tough, she really is a changed child.
Please help us be there for another child like Jess this summer.

  • £24 could pay for a bed and three healthy meals for two children at one of our summer camps.
  • £50 could pay for 25 children to enjoy activities like climbing, abseiling or swimming.
  • £120 could help to keep our community centres open so children have a safe place to play.

I’d love for it to go here;

Hi, I’m Abdul and I’m waiting for a World Vision Child Sponsor

  • Gender: Boy
  • My age:  6
  • My hobby: football

Abdul lives in the West African country of Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries. Tragically one in six children die here before their fifth birthday. Your support will make a real difference by helping World Vision work with families, so that they have a livelihood to support their children, along with finding ways to help children go to and stay in school for the long term.

When you sponsor me you’ll be helping to give me a brighter future, and over time, as my sponsor, you’ll be able to see and hear about how you are helping to change my life. You can even send me a card on my birthday, which I’ll love!
Help make a difference to Abdul by sponsoring him today. just 75p a day.

Abdul, aged 6, from Sierra Leone, is hoping for a World Vision sponsor

So, that works out at £273.75 a year. £3,285 until he was 18. An education. A chance for Abdul to support himself and his family in the future.

An understanding that you’re helping give them a future. My kids would hear from them, understand how a little money makes a big difference in someone’s life & give them a perspective beyond their own. My kids and me would see how incredibly rich and blessed we are. We would get the best gift, beyond the little we were able to give.

Start multiplying the money. £20,000 would go a heap of a way to making a difference. Honestly- we could use the money, there are so many bills to pay, and yet, I couldn’t pass up the chance to just to outline two simple schemes to blow it on. Being lavish is easy with someone else’s money. Playing let’s imagine is delightful.

The rub comes when its mine. When I’ve a little left. What do I do with it?

Here’s to us all spending lavishly on things that make a difference! Oh, and PS- if I got to win – we’d have to think of a really good way of spending those vouchers on something worthwhile !

Keren xx                  This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here – National Lottery website


One thought on “How Would You Spend 20K?..really?

  1. Always approve of setting money aside for good causes and always great to acknowledge how donations can make such a huge difference to people’s lives. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part. Please ensure you enter a link to the competition page and ideally to the National Lottery website before the closing time of midnight tonight 18/8/13 for this entry to be valid.

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