We’re alarge family (ok, less of the ‘large’). We actually have 6 children although 1 (Natty) is waiting in Heaven  for us right now. I can’t always say ‘6’ because it gets tricky to explain- but can’t leave her out either!

I haven’t got a ‘family’ pic. You try and get 3 reluctant smilers & two showmen to perform at the same time!!!).

This is somewhere where I won’t take myself seriously. It’s not a sad blog- but will share with you the constant readjusting, rescheduling & rethinking that goes on in a family where we have 16,14 & 10 year old girls & 9 & 5 year old boys.

Looking for a ‘how to achieve the perfect family life- balanced and perfect?’- umm.. you’d better look somewhere else!


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