How Would You Spend 20K?..really?

This was a question & challenge, and competition posed on Brit Mums here. I know I’ve not blogged on this blog in quite a while- but this question made me want to post. Before I get started, I have to declare my hand. (I’d never make a good poker player!) I’m not a fan of […]

Losing My Sanity?

There has been a recurrent conversational theme recently amongst my friends and acquaintances. It seems as though many are losing hope, common sense or even the will to continue. I’m not being flippant, life just gets really tough sometimes. Kids fight. Dreams are dashed. The ‘who’ you imagined you were/would be turns out to simply […]

Losing Hair!

  On the family front we’ve been losing hair. Not from me pulling my own out (which could be quite likely) but simply losing it due to a haircut. Correction. Scalping. I did have to bite my lip & stifle a sob. Hubby was trimming/clipping the boys hair. He does a pretty good job. I […]

Caring for the little animals!

I so could write this post on two levels- and I think the human level would be more amusing but I’ll retell what happened earlier on. I had an animated conversation with several of my kids in the car this evening about their care of all creatures great and small. “Mum, today we’ve been looking […]

The Power of Words

The tongue. Sometimes silent -often deadly. It can harness an extraordinary ability to encourage. It can ride roughshod doing untold damage in the space of minutes that can leave a lifetime of hurt. A weapon like this could do with a health warning. Maybe enforced silence could be a punishment. Communication is one of the […]

What can my kids learn about Margaret Thatcher?

There are many and diverse opinions flowing around. This post is not about those. There are angry & vitriolic people pitted against those of an opposite view. I’m not entering that debate. I have withdrawn substantially from Facebook due to my sadness over what ended up on my Newsfeed. That’s another matter. I have 5 […]

Entrepeneurism Gone A Little Wrong!

There are some life skills we want our kids to have. Listing the basics- balancing finances, having (& taking) initiative. Coping with disappointment. Being the bigger person. Learning to live alone. Cooking your own food. Well, at our house there is another. Making money. Starting your own business. Having a Dad who is a self […]